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By: Pearline McGill
It's a true happiness for Massimiliano Gurrieri to tell to his clients through this post that a wonderful new collection of frames has been set up in a new gallery of the Federici's website. The workshop, which has been operational since 1905, is probably the best in its trade in EU area.

Most of the buyers of Federici are the major state museums around Europe such as very important art galleries and very famous global design enterprise. It specializes in a fantastic different type of wood frames made reproducing Renaissance carved frames, Baroque painting frames and also French, Italian and Spanish seventeenth and 18th century picture frames.

As soon as Gurrieri was Thirteen he decided to carve a reproduction frame for an old master painting. Massimiliano Gurrieri got the fantastic chance to strengthen his knowledge concerning the picture frames at a extremely early edge having as teachers the best picture framers of The european countries. That's the reason he has got such great abilities. Since that period every difficulty regarding carving has become for Mr. Massimiliano a challenge.

During the world war 2 the Germans took a lot of master paintings belonging to the occupied countries under their control but at the end of the war, while American soldiers were almost winning the war toghether with the Russians, Germans begin to demolish the majority of the original frames containing the master paintings thieved in order to hide and hold all of them quite easily. This can be the major reason why nowdays there is a huge number of old master works of art without a frame or with a terrible frame that has not been created toghether with the painting.

The primary method to obtain inspiration for the gilders and carvers of Federici Workshop comes from the painting frames collected at Pinacoteca Bologna Museum where everybody can admire lots of Italian classic works of art. They have been used for framing a huge amount of works of art of very well known artists. They were used for framing paintings of Raffaello and Guido Reni among the others.

If you'd ask M.Gurrieri how to purchase a painting frame he will reply: "The common waiting time for our customers is between 60 and 90 days. If we don_t have too many orders in line we're able to ship within 2 months and sometimes less. if there are too many orders in the line clients can expect to obtain their antique frames in approximately Ninety days. Our experts are perfectly versed with all styles of classic frames so complexity of the style does not really modify the delivery time. A deposit of 50% is needed to acomplish the order."

Feel absolutely free to ask for every problem calling 393333720043 that is an italian cell phone number or you can also check out Federici internet site at

If you are you looking for more on carved picture frames check out our own web page.
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